Saturday, October 3, 2015

When they are loved well...

     It doesn't have to be something grand, a giant project, shiny toys, massive projects to be completed.

     They said thank you to me for the beautiful gifts. What a privilege to correct them, to say, "Not from me, little one. From friends far away who love you and are praying for you."

      Something small... a pillowcase, a blanket... but beautiful, personalized with names.

      Thank you, dear friends, for loving us well. Thank you for taking the time to craft the details. Thank you for taking the time to show them they matter, they are loved, treasured and prayed for by friends they don't even know.

        You may never know the name or face of an orphan, but when you love them well, it blesses His heart so much.

         Loving well does not have to involve massive gestures to be noticed. It comes from the beauty of hearts willing to take the time to demonstrate they matter, they are valuable and precious.

         Dear friends, do not forget their names. You may never know their faces or hear their voices on this side of heaven; however, please remember the prayers uttered from hearts who are open to Him will never fall upon deaf ears.

         Thank you for blessing us.

We had to be reminded these are for sleeping, not wearing :)

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