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Nestled in a small corner of Metro Manila, Philippines, is a child and youth welfare agency committed to providing hope and healing to marginalized children in crisis. Through rescue and rehabilitation, Gentle Hands is committed to serving children who have experienced trauma.

          The goal for each child who enters Gentle Hands is to experience complete physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We provide holistic care, understanding that each child is unique and valuable.

          Most of our children will go on to be placed in a permanent family through local or international adoption. If you are interested in adopting from the Philippines, you can visit this link for more information (http://www.icab.gov.ph) and contact your local adoption agency to get started.

           Gentle Hands is led by Canadian missionaries Charity and Evan Graff and their family.

           Working with Gentle Hands is both challenging and rewarding. As my mom once said, "We are broken people helping broken people." One of the greatest blessings is to see a very hurting child enter our doors and watch as he grows stronger, learns to laugh, develops dreams for the future, and eventually leave with his own permanent family. There are many little miracles along the way... celebrating when another kilo is gained, he learns to read, a spontaneous hug, basketball games, birthday parties.

             We believe very strongly that there is a plan and a purpose for each child who enters Gentle Hands. They are loved and valued for who they are. We believe there is hope in love.

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If you are interested in donating, you can do so here:

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