I am a missionary currently serving at Gentle Hands orphanage in Manila, Philippines. As a missionary/volunteer staff/foreigner, I do not receive a salary. I also do not have a sending missions agency, and this makes financial support a little complicated.

Fortunately, this is where you can come and partner with me.

There are two ways to help with the financial needs of living overseas:

1. If you are a member or  near the First Baptist Church of Bonifay, Florida, then you can give financially through the church, and label check or cash (in an envelope) for "Jordan Belser".

2. If you are not close to FBC Bonifay, or you prefer to give online, then you can click Here. it will take you to a donate page for Gentle Hands. Choose to pay with a card or paypal, and then in the spot "Comments to describe your gift" found Here, write "Jordan Belser".

Thank you so much for partnering with me This would not be possible without your support and encouragement, and please contact me if you have questions!

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