Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When Life Was Made to be Celebrated

            Birthdays have always been difficult for me. I love celebrating someone else's birthday.. I love decorating and picking out gifts and, let's face it, one of my favorite foods is cake. But when it comes to celebrating my own birthday, it's hard. I'm not sure why... Probably because I tend to draw away from attention and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

            But I wanted 25 to be different. Twenty five felt different. Honestly, if you asked me five years ago if this is where I thought my life would be, I would have given you a map with a five year plan that would have nothing to do with living in Southeast Asia.

            I'm a quarter of a century now, halfway to thirty, and it feels... Different. Twenty four was a year of hard moments and a year of being changed, stretched, failing, and forgiving. But turning twenty five felt like a time to celebrate, and it felt like a time to let people celebrate with me.

           So we did. We celebrated because He is good, life is hard but good, and even though there are times when it feels like the world is falling apart, life was meant to be celebrated.

Morning snuggles with my main man

A sweet letter from the bigger girls

After being treated to dinner with a dear friend, I came home and found my room like this!
The bigger girls had decorated with twenty five balloons, chocolate, and flowers. 

Some of my sweet girls and the yummy cupcakes

What's the point of a birthday if there's no cookies and cream milkshake?

My adopted little sister. She's lovely. 

All of the girls and I, tummies full and sugar comas closely approaching!