Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wandering through Pixels

Here is a little taste of life in Manila this week...

One of the "perks" of living at an orphanage is that people love to 
have their birthday parties here. The girls are showcasing their 
amazing and intricate face paint. 

Taking a nap on the beach... or burying himself (I can't figure it out)

(with a little girl just acting casually)

Showering off after a long day of beach fun

I am partial to a Manila sunset

This beauty in red celebrated her 24th birthday this week. Happy Birthday 
Joy-Joy!!! And I am so glad you have hair!

Three weeks is not long enough to spend with this girl. I love being her big sister. 

And finally, this beautiful friend is getting married this weekend!!! I wish with all my heart I could be there, but I am so excited for her. Sometimes you are blessed with amazing people in your life whom you only want the absolute best for. She is one of those girls. And yes, I will be eating cake in her honor. 

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